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All things Business Attraction

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

This is a new endeavor for me, I'm trying to do more to get quick thoughts out to the world.

What is an economic development incentive?

Welcome to my blog, intended to be an accessible and creative way to communicate about my research, interests, and experiences as a graduate student. This is a work in progress - stay tuned for new content.

My interests that I want to write about in this space involve business attraction policies and communities goals. For instance, above is an image of proposed changes to St Louis in response to Amazon's HQ2 search in 2017. St Louis was one of 238 areas to respond, and I've used those responses as a data source for two papers. My work considers the changes that places undergo after attracting companies, and how the quality of life and well-being of current residents are impacted.

Image: St Louis Architectural mockup of Amazon HQ2 proposal. Publicly available through Freedom of Information Act.

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