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Instructor of Record:

UNC Public Policy 575, Innovation, Science, and Public Policy. Spring 2023. 

Topics covered include how technologies develop and emerge; mechanisms for promoting science, innovation, and commercialization at different levels of a federal system; dynamics of industrial clusters; and competition between regions for dominance in technological industries both domestically and internationally

UNC Public Policy 210, Policy Innovation and Analysis. Summer, 2021.

UNC summer class for core public policy curriculum. This was a smaller class and for some students their first in-person college course. Syllabus gives special focus to group discussions and interactive learning. Syllabus. 


UNC Interdisciplinary Studies 089, Bones, Borders, and Bureaucracy: Statehood in Mesopotamia, Xinjiang, and Beyond. Fall, 2020.

First-year seminar through the Royster Interdisciplinary First-Year Seminar Teaching Fellowship. Course was an interdisciplinary collaboration between graduate students in three disciplines and was co-designed and co-taught with Arianne Ekinci (UNC History Department) and Christine Mikeska (UNC Anthropology Department).   Syllabus.


Other Instructional Experience:

Interim Instructor. Why History Matters to Public Policy. Policy 231. Spring 2020.


Game Theory Economics. Duke TIP, Summer 2019.

I taught a course this summer on Game Theory Economics to academically gifted high-school students through Duke Talent Identification Program, a course that I designed and planned and that was structured much like a Freshman Seminar in Public Policy or Economics. Syllabus.


TA Experience

UNC Policy 310 (with Recitation). Microeconomics Foundations of Public Policy

UNC Policy 210 Policy Innovation and Analysis;

UNC Policy 220, The Politics of Public Policy;

Graduate Research Consultant: UNC Policy 080.


Teaching Philosophy:

My courses bring together ideas of policy and economics, centering on present and historical examples. Assignments aim to build on student’s skills, emphasizing clear and succinct writing, communicating with data, and sound reasoning backed by respected research. Through active class discussions, interactive games, and small-group work, my classes try to get students actively engaged and immersed in applied examples that embrace the complexities of policy responses to real-world problems. Throughout, I aim to center the experiences of groups marginalized by policy. 

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